Bees News · OHSAA Live Update Highlights

OHSAA Live online March 19, 2020.  12:10pm

Executive Director Jerry Snodgrass


  • Athletics is an extension of the classroom
  • The OHSAA directors have listened to many students, parents, coaches and administrators
  • Winter tournaments are still on an indefinite postponement.  Unforeseen factors such as site availability, coaches availability and officials availability are all part of the decision making.
  • A plan has been put together for the return of spring sports assuming school resumes April 6.  This schedule is tentative and depends on what Governor DeWine decides about the return to school date. 
  • Resuming winter tournaments.  Wrestling is the most difficult sport to manage, with 621 wrestlers and 301 member schools. Weight management is also a difficult issue when considering rescheduling.  
  • Will athletes be given another year of eligibility.  It has not been discussed to allow them to extend eligibility.
  • No contact period:  Put in place to address proximity issues and spread of the virus. Meant to discourage people getting together, per CDC recommendations about social distancing.  Encouraging coaches to give workouts over social media. Not about denying the students opportunity; we are at war with a virus.
  • If school doesn’t resume, how will eligibility be done for the fall of 2020?  It has not been determined how eligibility will be done in the fall. 
  • If spring sports are canceled when can athletes become eligible for travel/club teams?  This has not been determined.