Athletic Department Philosophy

Statement of Philosophy

Education – Based Interscholastic Athletics

At Bethel Local Schools, we believe interscholastic athletic programs play an integral role in the total education and growth for student – athletes. It is our mission to provide an environment for development of the student – athlete by promoting the following qualities upon graduation through professional guidance and administrative leadership:

  • Open to Growth – Desire for excellence and continual self – improvement
  • Intellectually Competent – Understanding the relationship between preparation and performance
  • Thankful – Awareness of and gratitude for opportunity and success within human endeavor
  • Servant – Leadership – Unselfishness for the common good; Seeking the best for others
  • Committed to Doing Justice – Accountability and responsibility for personal decisions

Interscholastic Athletics provides an avenue for the student – athlete to learn from successes and failures, which help guide them toward maturity using a method of Context – Experience – Reflection – Action – Evaluation. Through athletics, the student can find enjoyment, personal satisfaction, accomplishment, friendship, and gratification that develop a positive self-appreciation from teammates and coaches. Athletics provide another area where the student – athlete can fully develop their individual gifts and talents.

Bethel P.R.I.D.E.

Strive in the Hive to ‘Bee Elite

As members of Bethel Athletics, the athletes, coaches and administration realize that our actions and words send a message about what is most important. Our top responsibility being to represent our school and community the right way, we aim to create a program in which the following core values are constantly emphasized. It is our goal to instill these values in our student-athletes in such a way that they ultimately learn from their athletic experiences that there is depth to life and sport beyond merely winning and losing.




Purpose: There is one quality that everyone must possess in order to achieve anything in life, and that is conviction of purpose. Having knowledge of what one wants and a burning desire to possess it creates our purpose.

Respect: We treat everyone we come in contact with, with respect. Our programs’ strength depends on the diversity and unity of our members, our competition, and on learning, working, and playing united.

Integrity: Good sportsmanship and high moral character are important to the successes of our program. Integrity involves the alignment of beliefs with intentional standards of excellence through human behavior.

Discipline: Discipline is not a possession. It is a decision and consistent action based on a set of beliefs, aimed at a goal, and performed up to a standard.

Excellence: We strive for competitive greatness and aspire for excellence in all areas of our lives. Success is simply a comparison to others. Excellence gauges our value by measuring us against our own potential.